In the works

First off hi. If you’ve found your way here. Congrats. You’ve got some time to kill. Or do you? Are you avoiding some serious work? Then go back and do that. The internet isn’t going anywhere. 

So currently. Asinine Wisdom is still waiting on word to get renewed at Geek and Sundry. We’re hopeful but as always with this kind of thing it’s a waiting game. Everyone there has been super supportive and kind to Jake and I. So either way we feel like it’s a win. 

In the meantime I’m working on my graphic novel still with artist Matthew D. Swan. It’s somewhere in the middle of production which can feel like a long road of nothing. Followed by brief moments of excitement and then weeks of boredom. I love it. 

On May 18th I’m scheduled to appear on Gather your Party again! Very excited about that as it’ll be a Gather your Circus Party so that’ll be a blast! With juggling and unicycles and what not! Hooray! 

More to come.



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