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You made it! Wonderful! This is the website for Daryl Crittenden. You might have seen me on TV playing a bad guy on several shows or perhaps being some good samaritan on a commercial! Or maybe you just discovered me on Geek & Sundry on my show Asinine Wisdom!

Regardless of why you’re here! Welcome!




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Who is Daryl Crittenden

Daryl Crittenden comes from the small town of Muscle Shoals in Northern Alabama, where, oddly, he used to run into Michael Jackson and Simon and Garfunkel at the local diner.

Immediately after high school, he ran off to join the circus, Barnum and Bailey, where he lost his sense of smell during a fire-breathing accident. (It involved a girl, fire, and raging teenage-boy hormones.)

Quickly realizing that clown-life wasn’t for him, he ran away from the circus and went to college. Daryl graduated from the University of North Alabama with a BS in theatre. (Yes, that’s correct—a bachelor of SCIENCE in theatre). He then went straight to NYC to pursue acting.

After a few years of doing commercial and indie films in NYC, Daryl was signed with an agent in Los Angeles, where he was able to expand on his acting career. His acting credits include Wizards of Waverly Place, Heroes, and Justified.

His writing credits began as web series and jokes pitched to sitcoms, but he hit his stride as a writer when he partnered with Jake Bennett while working together in 2014 on Hench. Daryl and Jake were able to craft Hench as an award-winning web-series that was then sold to Warner Horizon. They’ve since sold another show, Kings of PCB, to Warner Horizon.

Jake and Daryl also launched a successful podcast in 2016, Asinine Wisdom, which they sold to Geek & Sundry as a show. They’ve recently wrapped Season 2 of Asinine Wisdom and are awaiting a Season 3 pick up.

Daryl studies martial arts and was recently awarded his fourth-degree black belt and title of Master in Tang Soo Do. He can juggle any three things that he can hold in his left hand: ham sandwiches, bunnies, you name it. He is currently working on a graphic novel that is in the process of being illustrated.

In addition to having no sense of smell, Daryl has one lung and claims to be nearly deaf in one ear. In other words, he’s a real catch.

Daryl’s Acting Resume